Prissu's Dog House

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Prissu's Dog House

Here is a picture of my beautiful girlfriend and me at my junior prom.

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Check out the Dawg Home Page!!!

Here is a Picture of the Brass Quintet! Now for hire!

  • This homepage now has an image gallery.
  • Have fun with the rest of the pages.
  • Remember to keep in contact with me throughout the summer.
  • I am introducing a new addition to my home page.
  • It is finally finished.
  • We tore it up at the Zia tornament!

Finally gotten to updating my site. Sorry :( I am finished with my Spring Trip 98 page, didn't do much to it I guess i was just lazy. I should be fixing up the Revelation page soon. About the page with the games, I had to cancel that I tried to use it but the games were against the law to distribute freely like that. Keep posted. I am in the process of creating a section in this site dedicated to the book of Revelation of the bible. It will offer discussion and opinions will be posted of people.

Revelation page (under construction)

Spring trip 98 page IS FINISHED, BABY!

Here is the link to last years spring trip! Click Here!?
Remember to check out my new additions.The MHS Jazz page!

Spring Trip 98!

Here are links to my good friend's page!

If you want to be a "good friend" just ask.

My friend Chris!

My friend Jeremiah!


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