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Welcome to my page

This page is dedicated to D.A.R.E., Cops, and the animals that I love.

Please pardon the mess - I am totally redoing my site!

My Kids
My wonderful ferrets - Badge, Donut, Felony, Siren, Sniper, Kitty, & Squelch
My Sugar Glider - Justice
My Cockatiel - Radar
My Guinea Pigs - Cuffs, Patches, Smith & Wesson
My dogs - Dusty and Freeway
My Leopard Gecko - Copper
My Turtle - Dunkin

 May 9 - 15 is police week, please take a moment to remember fallen officers. Welcome to the home of a future POLICE OFFICER!

Cops & D.A.R.E.
My boyfriend - Scott
My Patch Collection - Trades available
Kansas Cops Killed in the Line of Duty
Officer Memorial Page - Statistics from the last few years.
D.A.R.E. To Know - Quiz Yourself!
Come visit Officer Kevin Easter

Contact me

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