allo! allo! so you ned to know a bit about this person who runs this whole castle, eh?? well, here's a short bio on myself! :)

name: Queen Julietta (kies.. so that's not my real name. but it's close *s*)

age: 13

hair: light brown

eyes: blue

favorite hobbies: web pages, tv (*s*), exercising, b-ball, & photography.

wants: hm.. i want to rule the world, live in a real castle & seee every good movie there ever is or will be :) & maybe pursue a career as a good photographer

fave tv shows: dexters laboratory, scooby doo (*s*), real world, road rules, days of our lives (can u belive it??!??),& old bugs bunny cartoons (the really old ones)

words or symbols i use too much: *s*, :), yay, goo, b (instead of be).

that's about it!! :) email:

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