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Dear Parents, Students and Visitors:

Welcome to our web site!

This home page is the result of a focus on technology at our school and in particular, the efforts of Mr. Brimsmead (Past Vice Principal ), and Mr. Burke ( parent volunteer). We hope that you find our web site to be a useful source of information about our school as well as an enjoyable and educational place for our students to visit. We welcome your reactions.

Monsignor A.J. Hetherington School is located in the community of Coral Springs, in North East Calgary. Our school serves the Catholic elementary students living in Coral Springs, Martindale, and Taradale. This year, we have 590 students, an increase of over 80 children. We are re-organizing our school to best meet the demands of this increase in school population. We have 24 teaching staff, 12 support staff, a strong School Council, many involved parents and the support of St. Thomas More Parish. Together, we are creating a community of learners in the Catholic academic tradition.

Thank you for visiting our web site!

Mr. K. deSouza






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