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Scorched and Dry

8/11/02 -

I have spent several days off in support of youth activities this summer: drove to and picked up from Summer Camp and EFY; went on a week long Stake Priests high adventure activity; and, attended Youth Conference (two days). The high adventure outing included rock climbing and swimming and then visiting church historic sites around Kirtland, Ohio. There were 24 priests and 8 adults. I think everyone had a good time. They have it every 2 years so all the priests that want to can attend. It is aimed at encouraging the young men to go on missions. Youth Conference was a pioneer handcart trek. Everyone dressed up in pioneer garb and pulled handcarts. The local paper even covered it. It was really hot. They trekked 13 miles and then had cold chicken broth for dinner (at 11:00pm). The next day we talked about the experience, played some pioneer games (black powder rifle shooting, archery, hatchet throw, etc) had a turkety dinner cooked in dutch ovens and after the obligatory testamony meeting came home. I think it was a good experience for all. Both David and Ryan went and at least endured and actually, I think, were glad they went.

Erin worked at a local snooty department store part time (she had to wear clothes from the store when she worked so I think she will owe more than she made) and volunteered part time at the hospital. She found out last week that she was accepted in the BYU Nursing program so she is excited about that. She will be going full time until August 2004. She is going back to Provo on Aug 27th.

David has started soccer practice again. School doesn't start here for the boys until after Labor Day. This will the first time since I can remember that we only have to pay PTA dues to one school. Ryan used some of his money from working to buy an acoustic guitar that can be plugged into an amp. I am trying to talk Ryan into playing rec soccer one more time but I think I have used up all of my "just do this for me points". He is taking a pretty heavy load at school and if he works 5 hours a week or so that will keep him busy.

We have a goal of new pictures posted before the end of August - we'll see.

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Is it December already? ..... what year? (12/13/01)

Hello, I was here in July of 2003. But since it looks like this is an unvisited wasteland, I decided not to write a great treatise or family history or other creative work that nobody is ever going to look at.

If you do come here ever again, send me an email at tednickerson@hotmail.com and maybe we will revive this once happy place....okay, we never were all that timely but I think it worked for awhile anyway.

I put some graduation picture of Bethany on the Cyberfridge because mom asked me to.

Hey, some of you computer literate second generationers out there (that includes anybody with a decimal place), why don't you go wild with info and pictures and writings and even whinings or whatever on these nice spaces (nice spaces includes this etm and the cyberfridge). Go on, impress me.

Come by the house some time and stay awhile.

News from the City of the Cedars Nov. 18, 2002

Here is our contribution for today. I have been composing cryptic crosswords for Mommy Nick for a while and I am now distributing them via the web. If anyone else wants to give it a try, go for it!

Puzzle #8

News from the 4th

Updated News from a Family Called Kuran

24 May

OKAY so what if the last entry was two or three years ago and we've added at least 3 new family members, nephews-in law, sons-in-law grandbaby, grandniece.I still think this is a great place to exchange news. So what if weird things have happened like people being sent to weird places in Mississippi (Ted), Germany(Tim), Switzerland (Guess who got his mission call), and people being involuntarily transfered from their elementary school job (ME) The turdis was working at one time maybe we can get it to work again. As an added incentive, we are going to set up Florida Family reunion sometime. Write with your suggestions. even if the suggestion is to suggest that we blow it off..

News from the 6th

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