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Ye Olde Shoppe is a resource site for users of Divinity, a scenario development kit from Fantasoft.

Ye Olde News:
Oct 24, 2003
Hmm, this site is still around? Okay, well it is COMPLETELY DEAD NOW.

July 21, 2000
Ah, remembered by password. Fixed link to Flabio's site. This site will no longer be updated, go to Flabio's place as in the last news. And join ( nonprofit RC5-64 cracking project ). Moo

April 04, 1999
Ye Olde Shoppe most likely won't be updated for a while after this, so go visit Flabio's Place, the most updated site on Divinity and Realmz. (even more than Fantasoft!)

January 16, 1999
Uploaded main web page, and I hope to get more online. Still nothing else completed.

January 14, 1999
I have just started this page, and the content is not completely done yet. The interface and navigation have been put in place, amazingly taking only 3 hours to complete ( images and all ). Most links currently don't work, so be patient. At this time, only the main page has been completed.

Old News can be found here.

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