This Weyr will be under new management soon. If you are the previous owner, please know that it's because this page hasn't been touched ever since Katadon's first clutch. There are some things I'd like to say about that, but it all amounts to this: I was mildly bothered/annoyed. That and I considered making Prism's old dragon images available for everyone to use in their own adoption agencys.

However, what prompted me to step in and make this message was the fact the Geocities has changed their policy to be like Hotmail's. (At least for webpages that have been unactive for WAY too long.. like this one) If you don't do something with your account within 30 days (specifically the index page) it will be deleted.

I can't let Prism/Katadon fade away FOREVER. I put too much work into it for that.

Soo... Anybody else.
Sorry if you couldn't get ahold of me before now. You can e-mail me at Or you can e-mail the Headwoman at

Follow the link below to see where I learned about this policy (You must be signed into Yahoo!).

This one sure freaked me out!