Welcome to Tir-Na-N-Og
Dance in our faerie ring and enjoy our mystical (cyber) site

Our faerie ring consists of a daddy, a mommy and two elflings. Our mystical cat departed this world in July 1998. We miss her but know she is feasting at the all-you-can-eat mice buffet now. Mommy still hears her meows throughout the day so we know she checks on us.

Topics of Interest:
Faerie Sightings (with most recent at the top: A day in the Life of An Elf (our toddlers interests' page)
The Mystical Elfling (a tale of an infant elf)
Faerie Tales and Other Magical Family Stories

Special Faerie Occasions:

The faerie girls worked long and hard making the perfect birthday gift for their Grammie. Come enjoy the sights and sounds of faeries at play in this special birthday page.

Grambie has a new baby and the girls are so excited. Come see the newest baby in "our house" (the house I grew up in) and listen to our elf singing a lullaby to the little baby.
We have a page to remember my Dad's mom (my Mimi), my Dad (Papa Reece to the girls) and our cat, Segue who died this year.

Faerie Friends:
Faerie friends are easily seen in cyberspace. I am so pleased to be able to share the faerie rings of some of my friends. The AP Mommies page links to many of my special online friends.

Come See the AP Mommies get togethers I've been lucky enough to be a part of:

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