The Grown-ups on Rugrats
The grown-ups on The Rugrats are special people. My favorite has to be Didi Pickles, Tommy's mom. ( I call her Aunt Didi). Mommy says she's a teacher so that means she gets to spend the whole summer home with Tommy......that's neats don't you think?

These are Tommy's parents: Didi & Stu Pickles:
This is Tommy's grandpa, Lew Pickles
These are Angelica's parents: Charlotte & Drew Pickles
Phil & Lil have neat parents too! Howard and Betty Deville
Chuckie's dad, Chaz.
(if you saw the Mother's Day special you saw a little about Chuckie's mom ....That show was kinda mommy cried at the end!)
These are Susie's parents

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