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Hi my name is Sarah, and i'm 12 yrs old. I am in the 7th grade, 2nd semester. I have two big brothers, Jeremy is in the Marines,please check out the Military page I made. and Joshua. . I live in Texas with my Dad, Mom and my two brothers. Click on their names and you can see their homepages.

I luv to listen to music, sing, dance, talk to my friends,and cheer! Come on over to my Pop Star page and we can talk about our favorite pop stars. Or you can come over to my Hello Kitty gurl page...there kinda dorky but thats ok.. i guess... I'm prolly getting another dog just for me... a lhasa opsa! (((My new years resolution is to save up enough money to get him in the first place))).. hes 550 - 600 dollars depending on the one i want! ReMeMbEr.. sign the guest book!!also.. if u want to see pics of me.. my friends and family.. stop by here.. my picutre sight

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Thank you Vikimouse for letting me use your graphics.

These are my mice I adopted, I will tell you more about them soon..

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