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February 15th, 1999 - The Pictures are up for Epic 7:  Corruption!!!  And one extra pic in the Art Gallery Penciled pages...plus good news guys, I have confirmation from Shang that she's writing an entry...whoopee!!!
December 1st, 1998 - What I have of Epic 8 is up and Epic 7 is now done and will be in the normal format soon.  Also, I have already done the pencil drawings for Epic 7 so expect those after I get a chance to scan them in.
November 23rd, 1998 - Tests and more tests...managed though to upload two new fonts and to finish writing Epic 7: Corruption for you guys.  I hope everyone enjoys it.  Ta...
November 18th, 1998 - after not doing any homework and spending three hours reading Helen's too long long entry...I have finally compiled two more entries into Epic 7.  Also, I added new fonts to the font file.  So I hope you enjoy what we have so far.
November 15th, 1998 - upon request, I have put up some more pictures in the Art Gallery and have given you guys on a silver platter no less Epic 7 (or what we have of it).  Push Shang to write more and the faster Epic 7 will be put up...

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(Very important, small, illegible, and almost nonexistent warning: The creators and writers of The Epic are not responsible for any lost items, damaged body parts, decapitated heads, and psychological damage received as a direct result of reading and experiencing The Epic. Thanks again.)

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