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September 13, 1997!

in Georgia!


Hello! My name is Mike and I would like to welcome you to my home page! I hope you find your visit to my pages an exciting adventure. My all time favorite hobby is bowling! You will find all sorts of bowling information on my pages, such as; my favorite bowling balls, bowlers and bowling links. Please sign my guestbook and if you would like to write me you will find my e-mail link below!

Click here to go to my page of bowling tips! Click here to see my bowling awards! Click here to read about the bowling centers I have visited!

Here I am at the GA Games! Click on the picture to see a list of my favorite bowling balls.
This is the room that we call "computer central" this is where all the creativity for my web page was born! Click on computer central to see pictures of my favorite PBA bowler's!
This is me in my favorite postition! Click on me, bowling, to see a page of my favorite bowling links!

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