As you come upon yet another site about Sailormoon, you grab your head and scream  'AAAAAHHH!!!! NOT ANOTHER ONE?!?!' Finally, you come across a page that shares your statement ...

*pulls an old soapbox out of the homestead's closet and stands up on it*

    As time passes and things get older, things change. A few years ago, when Geocities offered a simple 2 mb of webspace, life was good. Even when it went through its growing pains, and provided us with 6 mb of space, then growing to 10 mb, it was still tolerable. Any bugs they seemed to fix quickly, and you could easily find an e-mail address to send any complaints to.

    Not anymore.

    Since the merge with Yahoo!, Geocities hasn't been the wholesome place many have made it out to be. I myself have held this account (EnchantedForest/7353/) since January of 1997. A long time to have a single page in my opinion, especially one with a title such as this. (I mean, who, after three years, would want to keep a title such as ANASMP? *shrugs*)

    Through the years I have put up with the introduction of the pop-ups, the short-lived watermarks, and the 'wonderful' Geoguide. In the beginning the provider was great. I was just starting out and the file manager Geocities offered was simple to navigate and use. I've never been unfortunate enough to endure an accidental file deletion, nor have I been encumbered by any login problems or other unwelcome things. At least, until the merge with Yahoo!

    Firstly, the fact that I had to 're-register' with Geocities after the merge didn't bother me. Sure, I took part in the Boycott. I still have the drawing I made for my badge. Hey, I still have the badge. Since the merge though, I have had one large problem. For over a month I couldn't log in. I sent multiple messages through the Help Centre, until I figured out that it was automated and nothing sent through it would reach the light of day, and one message to the e-mail address supplied when I tried FTP a final time. I have received no replies, and I don't believe I will get any now. Finally I figured out that my login wasn't 'kirichiquita.geo,' as the re-registration process led me to believe, but 'sankuri,' my old Yahoo! Pager login/handle. After logging in, I again came to an impasse; I was presented with a new registration page to get a homepage account. But, I already had this one! Nothing said that you had to register a second time to be able to log into your own account! Soon I figured that I'd just go ahead and fill it out. I was then given my 'new homepage address' ... EnchantedForest/7353. I immediately thought of the stupidity the new Yahoo! Geocities had shown in the past month. Ignored e-mails, the lack of a contact e-mail on any of the company's pages, the trouble with the ToS that had to be solved through Boycott. Can you say 'inconsiderate'? I knew you could!

    Anyway, on to ANASMP. Where is it? Deleted oblivion? Moved? Try the latter. ANASMP is now located on, a domain bought with hard-earned Canadian cash, with some hard-earned American cash thrown in for good measure. Good riddance, Geocities!

To find the new location of ANASMP, click here.
To e-mail me about my bashing attitude, click here.

*steps off the creaking soapbox and puts it away*