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Year 5 write for a worldwide audience...read their stories

Skipton Castle tour creates worldwide interest
5th November: Skipton Castle featured on Microsoft website

David Womersley (webmaster!)
Last updated 17th May 1998

 Burley Middle School featured on the National Grid for Learning!!!! (we were there but four new schools have taken over) 

 Years 5 and 6 start joint UK/Equador/Singapore project

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Road Ahead entry

Burley Middle School's Road Ahead entry launched

13th May Year 8 come third in the Cyberfair 98 competition. Click on the link below to see their work.

Read all about our NATURE TRAIL

See all the prizewinners from around the world


Year 7 have finished working with children from Emerald Primary School near Melbourne, Australia and Sixth Avenue Elementary School. Aurora, Colorado, USA. We worked on a joint project about what children in the three countries do in their spare time, their interests, likes and dislikes, attitudes and their use of the common language, English (Kidspeak). Have a look at our joint project. Real Audio is used for the sound files.
Year 7's joint UK/US/Australia project

Latest News: We have won the Grand Prize in the AT & T Virtual Classroom Project. Mr Womersley, Mrs Barnett and two children have been to Japan.

See Mr Wilmot's photos of the trip

Have a look at Mrs Barnett's "Trip to Japan" website...including a link to Mr Wilmot's exciting "Manhole Covers in Tokyo" website (21 April)

Mr W (Burley) and Mr W (6th Avenue) have a chat (15th December)

Mr W & Mrs Barnett (Burley) and Mr W (Emerald, Australia) have a chat (2nd January

Year 8 have put up some questionnaires in French.
We would like you to fill some in - S'IL VOUS PLAIT!

Year 7 children appear on Blue Peter
Click here to see short excerpt from the programme
(RealPlayer needed)