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He he he . This is me.

Hi my name is Fabian and I am 8 years old. I love space, science and inventing things. When I grow up I want to invent a spacecraft drive that will go faster than the speed of light.

I am really good at maths and science but not good at sport. I hate spelling and handwriting most of all. YUCK.

My favourite fiction books are the Discworld series. I prefer non-fiction and have lots of books on science.

My favourite television programmes are Sliders, Stargate and The Simpsons. My favourite videos are the Star Wars trilogy, Men in Black, Independance Day, Red Dwarf, Babylon 5 and The Fifth Element.

I like drawing on the computer and surfing the internet. My favourite computer games are Incredible Machine, Red Alert, Age of Empires, Jetpack and Duke Nukem.

I like going out places. I like the beach and going to Southbank Park. I also like museums. My favourite museum is the Sciencentre.

I have a little sister called Heather and a brother called Rowan but they are still babies. Rowan has Cerebral Palsy and has to wear special boots like those stormtroopers wear. I really want a stormtrooper outfit or a Boba Fett suit with all the equipment.

Sometimes I write stories and here are some. I am working on a newspaper which I will put on the Internet when I am finished.

You can read about my friends if you click on the Flying Rainbow Teddy below.


Here's a story I wrote last year and an animation I made. Click on the spaceship to get there.


Click here for my book report on 'The Hobbit"

Click here to find out about Fibonacci Numbers

Click here to get my page to print out with postulates and theorems for algebra and geometry.

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