Welcome!! To my corner of the garden. Here you will find my special babies.

My C1 breeding stock came from the hatchery, and some I received from the net. Only choosing from sites that promise their norns are NOT genetically manipulated.
Some of my favorites came from theOfficial Cyberlife Creatures Site the Treehouse and theNorn Adoption Centre
From these ancestors came the norn that won my heart "Gooseberry".

She had more personality than I had ever seen in a norn. And was the best breeder I had ever come across. Sadly she was lost in a tragic harddrive crash. So she was not imported to C2. But I am trying very hard to find a norn in C2 with the same charm and eagerness to breed as Gooseberry had. Here you will find sweet little norns looking for a warm home, and someone to love them. I hope you find one that touches your heart. :)

Creatures 2 Nursery

Creatures 2 Nursery II, 5th gen and up!

Creatures 2 Ettin Nursery

Creatures 2 Mixed Nursery

babies that are a mix of C1 & C2 gene's.

Links! Links! Favorite Links

Visit the official Cyberlife Creatures website for the latest news and great information about this wonderful game called Creatures!!

Also visit the Newsgroup

at: alt.games.creatures!

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