Macrame Mouse

24 inches jute
2 - 7mm wiggle eyes
small black bead or pompom
6 black stamens or paint brush bristles*
small pin back
tacky glue

Cut 2 pieces of jute 12 inches long.
Fold over, leaving loops for ears.
Square knot over the two short ends for 1 1/2 inches or until desired length.
Leave one end for tail and cut off the other end.
Glue cut end to the back of the mouse to keep from fraying and coming untied.
Glue on eyes, bead or pompom for nose and black stamens or paintbrush bristles for the whiskers.
Glue pin to back.

* I just bought a cheap 1 inch paintbrush - the bristles pull right out and it works great for the whiskers.



Girl Scout Fun Center