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A heartfelt welcome to the world of mice and more! Before you enter it we have just a few things to show off! Enjoy the Mousehole and have great fun!

Mouse Approved!


Royal Nod Award   Award of Excellence

I got surprised so much by the Enchanted Forest and my Community Leader MI*Girl! They have choosen me to receive these two awards! Tears of joy came tickling down my cheeks when I received the "Enchanted Forest Award of Excellence" a few days after the "Royal Nod Award". I am deeply touched to the very core that you value my work and think of it so highly. I am proud beyond description to be worthy of your awards!!! Let me thank you kindly, joyfully and with all of my heart! May you all rejoyce with me in that honor I have been bestowed with! And may you all be enchanted - always, forever and a day! My heart flies out to you to wrap you up with love and joy!


Award of merriment

"Let it be known that you have received Meghan's Merriment Award (our own special Award of Excellence) for having a site that put a smile on Meghan's face, and joy in our souls! Your page will be up on the link from our site in a couple of days!
If you would like to link back to our site we would appreciate it!
Meghan and her Auntie"

Thank you very very much for that surprise and all that honor! It makes my heart smile with joy! Hugs galore to you and my most heartfelt thanks!


I wished upon a Star

My dear friend AngelFae requested that wonderful wish star for meas a surprise at LunaStars delightful home! Thank you both so much for that cute star! It is a tresure to behold! (((HUGS)))


Surf the Suns   




We bid thee welcome to our hidden realm in the land of the faeries. Storytellers are we to let you hear about the beauty and the wisdom the enchanted one's possess. You that are pure in heart and soul may find the hidden secrets they are joyfully to share with those who mean no harm, those who will let themselves carry away on the wings of fantasy and those who believe in dreams and magic. Close your eyes and follow the tales we weave...

In bygone days they used to light the candle of poetry, a custom long gone for which we weep. In many castles you could find such candles the Lady and the Lord used to rekindle each time the entertained their guests. But we, the storytellers, invite you kindly to light the candle of enchantment and dreams. Let it shine brightly through time and tide for the love we share and the stories in which we rejoice with all of you.



Let me introduce thee to Thalia, our Guardian of Poetry and Storytelling! She will watch over those pages that no harm will fall on them and she will guide thee through safely. She is ~Storytellers~ pride and joy and made by a wonderful and very special Lady: Amanda

Let me thank her kindly with all of my heart! You are blessed with a wonderful talent! May the candle always shine bright for you!

I want to thank her kindly for this outstandingly beautiful guardian! Please visit her realm where thee gets a warm welcome and find wonderful things to explore! And thee may find a guardian for thyself if you desire!


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Please be considerate and keep the Enchanted Forest clean of drugs! But not only the Forest - be considerate to our children - keep the Earth drug free! They don't lead you anywhere but into misery! Drugs only do harm and never any good! bear this in mind please!


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