There's a time in every little boy's life where he's running around the house with nothing but his Underoos and a towel wrapped around his shoulders pretending that he's a superhero. I just figured that it'll be a while before Jaired would start. After all, he's not three yet. Then again, this little tyke has always had a lot of imagination. I remember a time when he was absolutely sure that there was a bug living in his belly-button... wait, that was yesterday...
Anyways, these days I'm not living with a little boy anymore, but a real life super hero! Batman, to be exact. Put a towel around his neck and off he goes. He can occupy himself for hours "flying" back and forth between the living-room and his bed. Now a new problem is afoot. You see, my husband Mike is also convinced that he is Batman too. So I have to hear the two of them argue constantly who is Batman and who is Robin. For some reason, however, I'm not allow to be Batgirl. According to the caped cruisader(the little one), I'm a mermaid. Where he got that, I don't know. I can't even swim!
So being a good mother, I encouraged him to use his imagination. I gave him a long black cape for him to wear so he can run around in circles and see his wings blowing in the breeze. That brings me to the next problem. Now he's running around in circles and thumping his head everywhere. Now the mermaid has to discipline the mean old chair and the evil table for "biting" Batman. And life just keeps on getting better.
So to bring this story to a conclusion, I put together a little page for Jaired filled with all his favorite cartoon characters. If you would like to see Jaired's third birthday party pictures, click on Tigger! I hope you will enjoy it as much as Jaired will. This page was created on 08/12/1998 and it was last updated on October 30, 1998. What's new

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