Cottage Awards


Don't you just love awards? I know I do and I love giving out awards too. The Cottage has some really awesome awards to give out but there are some rules. Because these are cottage awards your website has to be in the cottage you can't have any content that Yahoo! Geocities doesn't allow. Oh yeah, your site just has to be awesome fun! :) So if you're ready apply for our "Cottage Flowering Site award" or the "Cottage Award of Excellence"

The "Cottage Flowering Site" Award.

How to Apply.

Just E-mail us with this information:
: Your Name
: Site Name
: Site URL
: Why you should win.

The "Cottage Award of Excellence" Award. There are four different award of excellence awards in cottage, click on the one you would like to apply for to e-mail us with your name, your sites name & URL and why you should win. The community leaders will visit your site and let you know if you have won. :)

All information not used for any other purpose
than contacting Community Leaders, and will be kept confidential.

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