Here it is the EF/Cottage webring. To join our very special webring you must have a site in the EnchantedForest/Cottage suburb but don't worry if you haven't you can join the webring for the 'burb your site is in click here

How to join the ring
Here are the steps that need to be followed to join the
Enchanted Forest Cottage Webring Enchanted Forest Cottage Webring
  • Your site must be in Enchanted Forest Cottage
  • Your site must follow Enchanted Forest Content Guidelines.

  •  Fill out the below form and the html code will be emailed to you. If you don't receive the html code, contact The Ringmaster

  • Right click and copy the graphic below.
  • Then add the HTML to your page within 7 days! 
  • Once you have added the HTML fragment to your page, email The Ringmaster and he'll check your HTML fragment to make sure your site ID is correct and then add you to the ring. 

Submit your page to the Enchanted Cottage Webring
Your page's title:

Your page's URL: (Please put the Full URL of the page that your webring will be on!

Your e-mail address: (Please make sure this is right, so you can get your confirmation letter!)

Name: (First Name only)

Password: Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!)
(Please do not use your Geocities Password! But, use something that you can remember!)

NOTE: Remember NEVER give your Geocities Password to anyone!! Community Leaders will never ask for your Password! If someone asks for your Password, Contact a Community Leader ASAP!!!)

Keywords:Enter up to 10 keywords to describe your page.

Description:Enter a short description of your page.

Edit your site 
    If you need to edit your site
    enter your site ID and password below.

    Site ID:

Forgotten your password?
Enter your site id and your password below and I will e-mail you your password.
Type in your Site ID below and press Password.
 Enter your site ID here:

Here is the graphic to copy, just right click
on it and save.

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