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Four children of our own grew up knowing how wonderful the American Saddlebred horse is. We produce this web site in hopes that other children who love horses will come to know this breed as well. Watch for a new issue here every three months!

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What is a Saddlebred Horse?

The American Saddlebred horse is a man made breed, created to provide a comfortable riding horse capable of long and strenuous work days. This breed is necessarily atheletic. It is also a calm and capable horse that doesn't bore easily and that loves to work with people.

Many people like the Saddlebred horse.

You may have seen the Canadian actor William Shatner in the movie Star Trek: Generations.

Here he is shown riding his American Saddlebred mare Great Belle's of Fire. Mr. Shatner is the owner of Belle Reve Farm (tha's pronounced as belle rave, btw) in Kentucky and is a well know breeder of Saddlebred horses. In 1994 Mr. Shanter rode "I Prefer Montana", a half brother to this mare, in the Pasedena Rose Bowl parade. Mr. Shatner was the Grand Marshall of the Parade that year. The theme, appropriately, was "Fantastic Adventure."

Other media star American Saddlebreds include the famous Mr. Ed, and the horse that played Flicka in the wonderful movie classic My Friend Flicka.

Saddlebred horses come in all colors. Here are some examples.

This is the brown mare Melody's Supreme Sunrise with her 1997 filly Renaissance Evergreen Melody. The filly's father, Worthy Reflection, was a bay and white tobiano pinto, and gave the filly her color. You can only get a pinto foal from a pinto parent.

This is the buckskin Saddlebred stallion Holly Akala Banner.

Buckskins are rare in the breed today, but do occur.

Palomino Saddlebreds are very pretty. Here is Miss Wonder Boy's Dare.

Saddlebred horses can be used for anything that you would want a horse to do. Here are some pictures of Saddlebred horses being used. If you have a picture of you and your Saddlebred horse that you would like to show us, send our Editor a note. We'd love to hear from you.

If you are looking for a Saddlebred horse of your own visit Saddlebred Sojourns, a web page with free listings of Saddlebreds for Sale.

We'd like to hear from you about your Saddlebred horse. Won't you send as a note that we can share here with other readers. (Click on the mailbox to send a letter to our Editor.)

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