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What is Ark Royal Rangers?

Rangers is a section of Guides Australia
We're a group of girls aged between 18 and 30, who like to do some fun activities.

So who's writing this page?

My name is Kate. I'm a member of the unit.
Writing and designing this site is part of my OBP
So email me if you have any comments

The OBP (Olave Baden-Powell Award) is the peak achievement award for members of the Olave Program (Guides 18-30). The Syllabus can be found at the NSW Olave Program's webpage.

I'm still learning how to use HTML, so the design of this site may change as I keep learning.
Bear with me, it should get better as I learn more.

What you can find

Information about each member of our unit (including our mascot)
The minutes of our last unit in council
The types of things we do
What our local Ranger Guide unit is up to
Links to other Guiding sites, as well as some of our favourites

This web site is not an official site of Guides Australia. Guides Australia takes no responsibility for the content of this web site.

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