Jane's Paris/Torres Domain

Jane's Paris/Torres Domain

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> Welcome to my P/T page, which is centered around Ensign Tom Paris, Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, and their relationship. Tom Paris is the "best damn pilot in the Delta Quadrant," and B'Elanna Torres is the chief engineer. Together, they have a unique chemistry and a deep relationship. Tom began to flirt with her in the 3rd season, and they've been together since the 4th season.

"Be careful what you wish for, Lieutenant." - B'Elanna Torres to Tom Paris,  Blood Fever

My name is Jane Griffen and I've been a P/Ter basically ever since I started watching the show, which was during the second half of Season 3 (which, in my opinion, has been the best season yet of Voyager). I've written over twenty vingettes, stories, and series. In my fan fiction, I invented the imaginary character Lieutenant Heather Whitney. I had never heard the term 'Mary Sue', and I'm still not sure that could apply to Heather. I didn't create her after me - we only have a few things in common. Take your pick, though! I have an entire page on her, so if you're interested, drop by! I love all feedback (although flames will be tossed out the nearest airlock). E-mail me at JaneG100@rocketmail.com if there are any broken links or bad HTML codes.

"...or do I have to throw you over my shoulder and carry you?" - Tom Paris to B'Elanna Torres, Displaced

I added some stories to the Most Recent Additions under fan fiction, and finally got the Links and Webrings pages up. In case you didn't know: all the broken links over at the fan fiction archives are corrected. I'm going to go through *my* fan fiction page with a fine-tooth comb next week if I find the time. Hopefully this time next week the Round Robins page will be up and running. From before: the P/T page is sorta up, and Heather Whitney's page has expanded. I have the Changing Tides Bios page up, but I haven't linked Changing Tides to it yet. I'm too tired right now to bother with the trivialities. I've got to get up early tomorrow...

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Paris & Torres- charting their relationship through the years 
P&T Fan Fiction - fan fiction I've found throughout the web 
Submissions - want to submit your fan fiction? Jane's P&T Fan Fiction - all the P/T fan fiction I've written over the years (trust me: there's a *lot*)
Heather Whitney - Voyager's senior science officer 


Archivist's Corner - a li'l bit about me, my rants and ravings...need I say more? :) 

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