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Welcome to the Lihi's Award Page. Here you can nominate personal pages that you think are very good and deserve to have an award. They do not have to be in Geocities, they can be anywhere on the Web. So, do you know of a personal page that deserves the award? (It could even be your own!)

Here is the criteria that I use to decide if a page deserves the Lihi's EnchantedForest Award on their page :

  1. If Geocities site - MUST follow all of Geocities Rules & Regulations
  2. If Geocities site - MUST have link back to Geocities on Every Single Page
  3. Information available MUST be Suitable for all children
  4. No Adult Material (Pornorgaphic or other)
  5. General Lay & Overall look of the page - MUST be easy to see and understand
  6. Amount of work put into the page
  7. You MUST sign my guestbook
  8. You MUST put the award as a link back to my page("")

If the site meets all the above guidelines, fill out the form below to Nominate the site.

First Name: **Required**

Last Name:

Your E-mail address: **Required** So that I can contact you if the site wins!

How old are you? ***Required** (Adults can put Adult.)

What is the page name? **Required**

What is your ICQ?

What is the URL of the site being nominated? **Required** Make sure to include the entire address.

Is this your site?

How did you find out about my award?

Which award would you like to get?? **Required**

Please describe this page: (this is what will appear on my page.)

Please tell me why you think the web site deserves my award: **Required**

All the enterings marked **Required** must be filled in my an automatic no.

If you don't hear back from me, feel free to check below to see if you have won, and then contact for information on how to pick up your award!

After submitting form only once, press here

If your browser does not like forms, Please Email me if you would like me to consider your home page for my Award!! Please send me your Name, E-mail address, the URL of the Page being nominated, Why you think this site deserves my award, whether this site is yours, along with a description of the page.

Here are the awards:

(please DO NOT steal them from me:o).)











Here are the recent lucky people who won my award:

Jenny Young

January 1999

Stephanie Geserick

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