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The blocks listed below are assigned to Community Leaders. if your block is not listed below, please contact ZooMom, (Co-Liaison of the Enchanted Forest Meadow suburb) and she will help you with answering questions or with problems you may have with your homepage. You may use the form below to ask for help from your Community Leader.

Kytten,EF Meadow Blocks 1300-1799

AngelMauri,EF Meadow Blocks 1200-1299
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Mauri enjoys creating homepages, she is a mom of 7 children, and homeschools. She can help with HTML, graphics, midi's and content guidelines.

Grandma Carol, EF Meadow Blocks 5000-5099
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Grandma Carol likes working with children. She was involved with the Cub Scout program for 9 years and enjoys helping kids with HTML, backgrounds, midi's and has her own award for kids. 

Lysabeth, EF Meadow Blocks 4000-4099
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Lysa can help homesteaders with HTML, layout, and some graphics. She is a mom of two kids, and believes that kids are unique and wants to give them and their interests a voice.

Lilly, EF Meadow Blocks 6100-6199 & 6200-6299 

Lilly loves helping people and knows lots of html and can help with graphics and content guidelines.

Meadow Co-Liaison All Unassigned Meadow Blocks
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Cindi is a mother of 2 teenagers who loves creating webpages and learning new skills. She enjoys helping homesteaders with questions they have about the Enchanted Forest. She is a member of the Enchanted Forest Award of Excellence Committee.


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