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Original Name: Chan Kong-sang
Father: Charles Chan
Mother: Lee-Lee Chan
Birthday: 7 April, 1954
Zodiac Sign: Horse
Native Place: Shandong
Jackie Chan Action Club

Does Jackie Chan Do His Own Stunts?

Brace yourself: No. For several minor stunts and one or two major ones, he has used a stand-in, sometimes due to an injury and sometimes for other reasons. But he has done the vast majority of the insane stunts in his films.

Jackie Chan is married to Lin Feng-jiao and they have a son.

Jackie Chan's Martial Arts Background:
Most of his formal training was at Sifu Yu Jim Yuen's China Drama Academy (chinese opera school). He practiced southern and northern styles of kung fu, and has some hapkido training as well as little bits of other styles. He combines everything he knows into what can only be called Jackie Chan Style.

Jackie's Injuries

Brain hemorrhage and cracked skull. Armour of God, 1986
Broken nose. Dragon Fist, 1978
Concussion. Hand of Death, 1975
Front Tooth was kicked out by Hwang Jang-Lee.
Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, 1978
Broken nose and was almost suffocated. Young Master, 1980
Injured his chin. Dragon Lord, 1982
Cheek bone disloacted. Police Story 3: Supercop, 1993

Neck bone injury.Project A, 1983
Broken hip. Magnificent Bodyguard, 1978
7th and 8th bones in vertebrae injured.Pelvis dislocated. Project A, 1983
Scraped skin while sliding down a Christmas light-covered pole. Project A, 1983
Dislocated chest bone. Armor of God 2, 1991
Glass shards in his rear. Twin Dragons, 1991
Broken shoulder. Deep bruise on back. Police Story 3: Supercop, 1993
Burns. Drunken Master 2, 1994
Injured neck bone. Mr. Nice Guy, 1997

Left ankle broken. Rumble in the Bronx, 1995
Impacted ankle. Dragons Forever, 1987
Bones in his hands and fingers were injured. The Protector, 1985
Broken finger. Project A, 1983
Puncture wound in leg. Armor of God 2, 1991
Broken instep on his foot. City Hunter, 1992
Knee was injured while skateboarding. City Hunter, 1992
Both legs were injured when caught between two cars. Crime Story, 1993

Hurt his back during a shot in Accidental Spy. The doctor said if he had another injury, Jackie might paralyzed for life.

Jackie Chan Zone

Meet Jackie Chan's family when he was young!
Jackie Chan Adventures is a cartoon series on Kids WB.
The storyline revolves around an archaeologist, Jackie Chan, his niece, Jade, and his uncle. Well, he's everyone's uncle. Along with the bad guy turned good, Toru, they try to defeat the Dark Hand and demons.

He's powerful, agile, and does his own stunts! He's a big star in Asia, has leaped tall buildings in Hollywood, and now you can see him on Saturday morning TV. "Jackie Chan Adventures" premiered Sept. 9, 2000. The man who's broken every bone in his body is producing his own cartoon series and is having a good time doing it. Why? Because cartoon Jackie can perform stunts that he could never do in real life