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Hi, there!Nav'egI'm Nav'eg.

It's my job to welcome everyone. From here you can travel to my home, Tyl'Drae. There's lots to do there, games and stories, music and fun, not to mention many new friends to meet. So let's get started.

Nav'eg's Adoption Certificate

This is my adoption certificate. You see, I'm not originally from here. I was brought here by Kaywyne, Keeper of the Light of Tyl'Drae. She rescues lost and orphaned cyber creatures and brings them here. This is a wonderful place as you will see. Start your journey by stepping through the Rainbow Portal. My friend Iris will show you the way.

Welcome, friends. My name is Iris. I am one of the many portal faeries you will meet on your journey through Tyl'Drae. So if you are ready,..


-Rainbow Portal-

Just step through the portal. We do, however, suggest you take time to visit the Font gallery before embarking on your trip. Many of the areas are enhanced with special fonts to make your adventures more enjoyable. So to guarantee you see Tyl'Drae for all it is, take time to download any fonts you don't have. Thanks.

Within the mists of rainbows lie portals to magical lands, lands full of wonder and imagination. In every child, lies the heart of all rainbows.  

Nav'eg and the Work Crew

The creatures found on pages, other than our own adoption agency, were adopted legally from various sites around the internet. Many are available for use on your personal computer as well as a web site. Please check out the links sections of this site for all the best adoption agencies.

 It's a Crime...Don't "Grab" this time.

You may not "grab" images from this site. You must go through the particular process and follow specific rules laid out by the adoption agencies to legally use their images. Any other use is considered "cyber kidnapping," i.e. copyright infringement. The only way these services remain free to all is if we all adhere to the rules. Set a good example by following the rules, and adopt one or more for yourself today.

I Respect Copyright Laws ----------

Our good cyber parenting has won us this wonderful award. It's our first and, therefore, special in our hearts. Thanks, Krista! Make sure you check our her site. Her adoptees are beautiful as you can see in her charming award graphic. So click on the award, and adopt your own today. Remember not to take those appearing at this site.

Secret of Phantasia

Wow!!! Thanx!!!

We received two awards from Phantasia. Check out her site, as well. It's worth the trip.

Some of the cyberpets I've adopted from Phantasia are playing hide and seek in the garden. Watch for them.

Secret of Phantasia



Megangirl awarded us with the Grand Slam Award. Thanx!!!

She has a wonderful cyberpet search site that is well worth checking out.

Nav'eg and the Da' Crew on loan from: --- =And Iris flew in from:

___________________Iris'  Adoption  Certificate

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