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Enchanted Oaks
Well-met, Traveler! Welcome to our personal Realm on the Web. Enchanted Oaks is our home in Jennings, OK where we live with a host of Creatures Small and Large.

If a Bunny hops in the Forest, and there is no one to hear, he will sing.
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The Caverns
The Farmyard
The Forest
The Meadow
Home of TopHat Rabbitry, Pigasus Caviary, and Sword & Sorcery Kennels
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since 6-14-2001
can you hear?...
the pitterpatter of puppy paws!
A precious Yuletide gift from our favorite Beaucey pair at
Chateau Sorciere!
NEW photos as of 3-12!!
Our beautiful babies are finally ready to go to new homes! Inquiries welcome!
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There are many Worlds within; use the Links to your left to Venture into our various Demesnes.
You can Explore:
The Caverns
First will be found the Caverns, where our burrowing Creatures live. It has links for our Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and other Pocket Pets. And now: Printable Care and Handling Instructions!
The Farmyard
The Farmyard is home to our Chickens and Ducks, as well as our larger Pets, the Dogs and Cats.
The Forest
The Forest hosts our winged Pets; we breed color variety Parakeets as well as other popular cage birds.
The Meadow
And the Meadow contains our Pygmy Goats! We are re-establishing our Herd  this year; look here for new photos of our most recent arrivals!
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