About Me
Hi! I'm Sharron and I'm a 38 year old disabled woman. I live in Illinois with my fiance, Vince, and my cat Jessie.
I love meeting new friends who love God and each other. I have a few hobbies I enjoy, such as chatting online, collecting music cds, and ceramic angels and unicorns. I also love watching sci-fi movies and sitcoms.

In November 2003, I started my home business Sharr's Heavenly Scentz selling candles, and bath and body products in over 90 scents! I love it, and would like you to join me and earn 30% of every sale! It's free to join and we are always eager to meet new motivated people who want to succeed.

Yes, I'm really 38!
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My Info:
Name: Sharron in Illinois
Email: enchantedstar65@yahoo.com