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The Music Room - At the moment just ring tones but soon my music from school and my musical.
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Hello there, welcome to Erik's Guest House by the lake, Stars through a Cloudy Night. I am so glad you could stay. Here the cream of society take their holidays but our favourite guest is the legendary 'Phantom of the Opera'. Erik spends most of his time in our ever growing and newly designed Rose Garden admiring all of the art work and photos on display. He will sometimes sit and read in the Achive, (where all the old books and the issues of Roving Reporter Ruthie's Guest House Gazette are stored) though especially if there is a phan fiction about...and of course he is often spotted in the Music Room. At the moment we have some poets who have taken up residents in the Reading Room but don't mind them. Just behind you is are two notice boards, one on Erik's favourie subject, Phantom and is looked after by a Miss Christine Daae, ever heard of her?  And the other a list of day trips you can take. Between the two notice boards is a place where I like to relax, the Staff Room, it's where we all have a nice cup of lemon iced tea. We have a compeition going on at the moment too for all you Phantom phans called The Great Phantom Quiz. And here's something top secret... some vampires have invaded the Loft so if you met one say hello but remember...they meet, then greet and finally eat! If you are very lucky you might even see Erik himself so keep an eye out!
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