Enchanted Castle

27th November 2004

Well, a few things have happened lately, firstly at the end of September i went down Sydney way to see Casey, Craig, Chloe and of course my fairy goddaughter to be, Alana! Alana was even more beautiful than i could have imagined. Jordan and i were there for 2 weeks and had a wonderful time. I missed them all as soon as we left *sob* I'll post a picture of the four of them here. Nothing has been happening here though, just work work mother mother etc lol. Then I went to Narrabri last weekend, November 20th, with an online friend, Chris, to see my other best friend Domi! We had an awesome weekend, which included Chris kicking our asses at monopoly and enjoying it... at least I know who to ask to bail me out if i ever really get sent to jail... and we also did a bit of yabbie hunting...at night...in the rain...lol It was all pretty fun tho, Domi and i basically stood on the bank of the dam in the rain with the buckets, sorting out the yabbies while poor Wayne, Domi's husband was picking them all up and Chris was pretty much the go between giving Wayne empty buckets and us the full ones to empty lol. Remind me to check if its yabbie catching time next time b4 i go down there :P lolol I'll throw up a pic of Domi, Chris and I too, and maybe one of Chris and I, and one of Domi and I.
I think thats all the news till now, take care! Tress xx
Casey, Craig, Chloe and Alana beginning of October 2004 Tress and Chris 21st November Domi, Chris and Tress, 21st November Domi and Tress 21st November

2nd August 2004

Long time no update!
Well, Casey and Craig had their baby last monday, July 26th. They had a baby girl, and named her Alana Elizabeth, I'll post a picture of her here so you can all see how beautiful she is. Nothing else has really happened of late lol I just got a call from the school saying that Jordan got punched in the mouth and it knocked out one of his teeth, they called to make sure it was only a baby tooth, and thank the goddess it has finally come out, it's been loose for aaaaaaages lol. Oh I managed to breed the siamese fighting fish, ive got some babies that were 2 months old yesterday, only tiny yet, I'll post a picture of them too, and a picture of my new pet, a baby rat called Parker. Thats all the news, till now, byeeee xxxx
Alana 26/7/04 Baby Siamese Fighter, about 1 month old Parker the rat, July 2004

2nd February 2004

Wellllll, been a long time since an update hey! Lots has been going on! Jordan started school last year, so he's now in year 1 this year, enjoying it heaps, and learning alot, he's a pretty good reader already. I bought my house about 6 months ago, and it's in the process of being painted on the outside at the moment, that's going well. I also work now, in a retail/office position, and studying for my certificate in business administration. I bought a new car just before xmas, a 2002 VX series ii executive commodore...gorgeous, i'll put a picture up one day. AND i've found a new hobby...I'm right into siamese fighting fish at the moment. I have had one since october, and went away this weekend just gone, and came back with 6 more...3 males and 3 females (the one i already had was a blue male named flynn) I'm hoping to breed them. Ohh also, Megan had another baby, Alex, he's almost 1. Casey and Sanguinarius' daughter, chloe has just turned 2 and they are expecting another in July, to which I am to be the proud fairy godmother of *big grinz* I think that's about it, i'll put some pictures of my fish on here, and maybe one of Chloe. Take care! *mwah*
Chloe 17/1/04 Flynn Poseidon Female Fighter (one of 3, this one is named Hera) Zeus Blue Fighter (no name yet)

24th March 2002

Hiya :)
Not much has been happening lately! I got a new kitten on Wednesday, named him Ares. He's a throw back himalayan. Verrry cute I'll put a piccy on here of him for ya to see how cute he is :P Hmm..Jordan turned 4 in February and started pre-school this year 1 days a week. I work those days...My mother spent 4days a week all last year studying beauty therapy, and she opened her own beauty salon here in town about 6 weeks ago now. It's doing really well, business is picking up, which is great. Eventually I'm going to do a navel up body piercing course, which I can't wait for...just have to get the money together! It's very expensive, 2 day course in Brisbane, but well worth it, we don't have a body piercest in Tenterfield, so I think it will take off quite well. Anyway, i think that's it! Have fun!!!

23rd January 2002

Welllllll some cool stuff has happened recently...umm first off Xmas was fabulous, and my b'day...I scored really well there too lol. Best ever tho is that Casey-Case and Sanguinarius' baby was born January 11th, 2002! They had a little girl, and called her Chloe Louise...She is abbbbsolutely beautiful *Clucks* Anyways, so I'm Auntie Tressie now hehe and Lurrrrve it!!!! As soon as casey and sang let me, there will be a piccy of her here on this page...and prolly anywhere else I can find hehe.

Well that's it...ya'll have fun! *wiggles* MWAH!!!

16th December 2001

Woohoo! Only 20 days till my birrrrrrrrrthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! (can ya tell I'm excited???) hehe Almost Chrissy time too...cool huh!? I lurrrrrve the festive season...so Cheery!! Jordan wants a cow and a goose for christmas...don't ask why, cause I really don't know...not real ones, toy ones *rolls eyes* but hey, apparently, that's wot my Grandmother got for him! *LOL* here's a lil Chrissy card for everyone that's looking at my page around this time hehe...

9th October 2001

How's everyone doing? Yeah? Ya'll that good!?!? Coooool!! hehe. Ok enuff of my crap.

Check this out.....I went to Sydney last Tuesday and came back like, yesterday. Had a completely funkadellic time. Had a channel meet wif a bunch of the peeps from #Hamburger_Inn to see pics of the meet check out this webbie...www.oocities.org/hamburger_inn/index.html click on "meet pics" in the menu at the left, and then click on 6th October meet or wotever it says there hehe. Loreli, ya do a groovalicious job of the site :P

Ok, so the meet was great, the whole trip was great pretty much, lotsa fun. I left Jordan with my mum while i was away...needed that lil holiday I did! So yep, that's it lol.

Byeeeeee Wiggle on :) *wiggle*

11th August 2001

Okies new news!! Megan had her baby by ceasarian on the 18th July. She had a little girl, and named her Amber Jane. She is juzzzz beauuuuuutiful!!! *cluck cluck* hehe.
Hmm ya know, there's not much to tell ya'll about this month lol. Oh! I got a CD burner, so that's major fun fun fun hehe. hmmm...I just need a printer and a scanner now, and i've got everything i need. Spose I need some cash to buy them things tho lol.
Ooooooooh here's a new thingie....I'm getting a new car! yeeeeeeehawwwwww! I'm getting a 1996 VS executive commodore. Very flash hehe...well...compared to the '88 VN that I have now, it's damnnnnnn good hehe. I love my VN tho. So I'm putting the VN up for private sale...if anyone wants to buy it, tell me!! lol.
Wellllllllll I think I have bored ya'll for too long today already. Enjoy the rest of the website! *wiggles*

8th July 2001

Hey there :)
This is a new page I'm making to update you on things that are happening in the life of ^Enchantress^ and my family.
I have some really good news for the first entry! On Wednesday, 4th July, 2001, Myself, Jordan and my father went to Brisbane to see Jordans heart specialist for his first check up since his surgery. Dr. Justo, at the Prince Charles Hospital, in Chermside, Brisbane, checked him over and did an ultra sound of his heart. The results- everything is PERFECT! There is no sign of the muscle growth around his aorta returning, which is what we were worried could happen. The hole in his heart is patched from the surgery, and we pretty much don't have to worry about that anymore, cause once it's closed, it's usually closed for good. SO that means...we got the ALL CLEAR!!! We don't have to go for another check up for 2-3years! It's fantastic.

In other news, one of my best friends, Megan was due to have her 2nd child on the 5th July...no bloody sign of it yet. *pokes the baby to get it moving* I'm thinking she's having a boy, but we wont know for sure till it's born. *grumbles something about babies not wanting to come out when they are due*

Hmm...next....I'm going to the Gold Coast soon for a couple of weeks. Need to get out of Tenterfield! Can't wait :)

And i think that's it for today :) Ya'll have fun buh bye!!