You'll Always be my Hero !

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No words could ever take the place of your friendship.
No one can compare to you.
You were unique.
I'm so glad we came together
you will always and forever be
a Hero to me.

From all her online friends that knew her and loved her

This page is dedicated to Kim ( Karay) In loving memories of the joyous times we spent with her.
She truly touched our hearts ... sleep with angels hun!
Passed away October 19th 1998

I fell upon a tiny star
a piece of hope
that shined so far
a ray of light
that felt so warm
fragile and soft
but oh so torn
it told me things
I never knew
and as we talked
our friendship grew
we laughed and cried
we shed our tears
that ray of light
that shawn no fear
the love and joy that came to me
it shined it's light
for all to see
but darkness clouded
it's tiny light
the glimmer of hope
that shawn so bright
and now it's gone
I feel so sad
to lose a friend
it makes me mad
but now I look at once was there
and deep inside
I know it cared
to shine it's warmth
and love so deep
I know today
it will always be
forever mine
to always keep
love you

Poem by Enchtris


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