East NC Pagans Witches' Ball

Witches' Ball 2008!!

Costume Contest

Prizes will be given for winners in the following costume categories:

The Witch of the East Award: Most Creative Costume - pretty self explanatory.

The Witch of the South Award: Sexiest Costume (blow our minds, folks! *Wink*)

The Witch of the West Award: Most Outlandish Costume - Crazy, weird, and otherwise out of your mind costumes apply!

The Witch of the North award: Best Look-a-like - Dress up as your favorite God, Goddess, character, or celebrity and you may take home the coveted Witch of the North Award!

The Witch of the Center award: A category for the experienced Witches in our midst - the Best-Dressed Crone or Sage award. Only those attendees over 50 can win this one.

There will also be a prize for the most Interesting drinking vessel. Break out your hollowed-out bull's horn or the old boot that your family has been toasting out of for the last several generations. If we see you guzzling mead (or Pepsi, or any other beverage) from it, it might just earn you the coveted "Most Unique Drinking Vessel" award. No glass vessels permitted! We drink where cows (very expensive ones) trod. We'd hate to pay the vet bills for the cow who finds broken glass in its hoof.

New This Year!

The Witch-Cackle Contest - think you got the best witchy cackle at the Ball? Impress the most people and you will find yourself a winner.

BYOP - Bring Your Own Pumpkin, of course, for the Pumpkin Carving Contest. Contestants will bring their (already carved) pumpkins to the ball. Not only will they light up the place in fine, decorative fashion, but yours might win you the coveted "Most Awesome Jack-o-lantern" award. *Note - battery-operated lighting preferred. We'd hate to burn down Wilson's barn!

Prizes have been donated by numerous local Pagan folk. You never know what you could win! Anything from an old tin can (to be used as a portkey, of course) to a shiny new cauldron is a possibility.