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Encyclopedia Galactica DCU
The Mission Statement of the group:

Encyclopedia Galactica DCU exists to collect as much information  about the DC Universe as we can discover.  There is a wealth of knowledge between the Usenet newsgroups, the World Wide Web and Yahoo Groups, and we aim to find all of it here.

In Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, the Foundation was created to research and publish the Encyclopedia Galactica, the compendium of all known information in the Galaxy.  The Legion of Super-Heroes borrowed that concept to narrate trivial information about aspects of 30th century life, and we borrow the concept to collect trivial information about the DC Universe.

If you have technical skills, such as web design, database design, your own really large comic book collection to look things up, or spelling and grammar, or a 12th level intelligence, post a MESSAGE in our group.  We can find pretty good uses of your skills here!

We hope you enjoy your membership to our group.  As long as DC Comics publishes, we hope to be here to talk about them.

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