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by Anna Maria Agolli
self-syndicated columnist

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Know the Law










And so, my methodology is really effective. Strategy, big dead baby picture, requests to speak to patrons, useful information, etc.  Whoopdy do! Not only gets people out of clinics, but I was blamed for the clinic moving out. Double whoopdy do!!  Should it be the only way then? 


Does it require a theologian to figure out that if a woman has the compunction to stand in front of an abortuary with baby booties she has knit herself so that she can offer them to the mothers on their way in, that I should pray that it turns them all around and appreciate the diversity in God's calling to each of us, … rather than to disregard the impact of such a gesture and advise the poor woman that there is an approved method she should adhere to instead? You know, singing at clinics really annoys me. Ditto for praying so loud that it drowns out the reasonable expectation to have a quiet conversation with a prospective abortion patron.  It seems macabre to sing when there is a holocaust going on inside. The thought of that leaves me speechless, indeed, what word is there that can be said that would truly do justice to that?  Can anyone really scream loudly or blood-curdlingly enough? Yet, prayer and song can touch a person’s heart in a way that only God knows.  I think happy baby pictures are macabre too since it’s not a pregnancy center, although I can certainly see the usefulness of such a message. These can and do at times cause the woman to want her own child after all.  Noise, pro-lifers speaking or screaming simultaneously in angst while clients enter abortion clinics, represents to me a cacophony that builds a wall between the pro-lifers' real message and the patrons of the clinic. One cannot hear himself think.  Yet, for some, it can actually bring home the message that there is an emergency, and with emergencies come haphazard attempts to save life. 


Should I wait to be invited to do my anti-abortion work my way and only if no one objects? Or should I say something to each of these persons to keep them in line? After all, MY methodology is SO successful ....  Only if they’re breaking the law, including unlawfully interfering with my doing what I went there to do lawfully, for which I need no invitation because it is my constitutional right.  In which case, I should also inform law enforcement to insure my rights if there’s no reasoning with such persons.  If we don’t protect our first amendment rights, how will we be able to say the necessary, live the Gospel?  If the Word is a Sword, because being silenced is deadly.


Does a cleric need such an invitation? Actually, the first amendment rights of the Catholic Church are protected when the Church informs the believers that they are required to be charitable, anti-abortion, and so forth with the commandments and magisterium. In this spirit, the Church can tell it's believers, for instance, to dress modestly but not dictate to wear plaid, what to look for in a candidate but not who to vote for. This also protects their tax-free status, but that shouldn't be the reason for refraining from such direction.  Rather, they should refrain because it would be untoward, disrespectful, inappropriately controlling -- not very Christian in a word, unless guidance is sought.


The first amendment rights of the Church are NOT protected when it informs that a picture of a dead baby is too truthful, or pornography, and so it is not the methodology approved or used by the local Catholic establishment.  Does it require a theologian to wonder if the Stations of the Cross or realistic crucifixes are too truthful, pornography?  Such are opinions, not necessarily valid Catholic requirements.


And it doesn’t require the magisterium – only common sense -- to know not to become violent over the use of a differing methodology.


Well, some believe the women are in pain and so doing these things can really cause serious “issues.”  And so, this violence is justified therefore?  Not really, inasmuch as jolts of truth can serve to disorganize previous routine behaviors and thought patterns.  Sure this can be discomfiting, but, what a grace from God.  Truth and Opinions, know the difference.  The Truth is only one.  Opinions, well, as the saying goes, everybody has one. And it's not necessarily the magisterium's dogma or proclamation of the Gospel, even if it's coming from a cleric. We Catholics are obliged to know the Law, both of the Land, and of God.  Again, obedience. Try not to lose your head about it.


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Feast of Joan of Arc.  Vigil of the Feast of the Visitation.

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