As to the above extract from the FOIA cover letter, I only referred to the Justice Department employeesí names, locations, phone numbers, at those buildings where they are employed and under the jurisdiction of the OIG. I didn't have their social security numbers, home addresses, personnel folders or medical records.  In any event, if such information as I provided in the complaint and allegations and innumerable exhibits is defined as private, why didn't they just black out that information and release the documents, like they did with the June 22, 2006 release below? Itís kind of inconsistent for them to have known what to do with what they wanted to release as the entire record officially, but become confused about that which they didnít want to release.  The appeal letters, which I have yet to post, contain indices of what OIG didnít want to release, in teen tiny print, and more than 20 pages long.  Thatís a lot to overlook.  This sheet of paper looks like itís a form or printout from a correspondence database entry, not the entire file -- which is what I asked for -- even if I had not yet submitted a complete index.