You will note that "Received By:" has a blacked out name following it. This is the Duty Agent at the Washington Field Office in Rosslyn, Arlington, Virginia, who received by hand on March 22, 2006 a copy of my complaint to OIG that I had originally faxed to the headquarters in DC on February 16, 2006.  This complaint I had followed up a couple of times with the same operator who had given it to an investigative specialist and who reported to me that it was under review. 
OIG headquarters where I sent that February 17, 2006 complaint originally by fax -- more so than the Washington Field Office in Virginia, receives tons of such complaints daily.  Yet on a subsequent call in follow-up days and days later, the same operator happened to answer the phone and RECOGNIZED my voice, and told me so, and then went on to reproach me for following up a tad too soon and told me when to follow up instead.  She reminded me that she had already told me this.  It was a difference of a few days, not a lot, yet she was annoyed with me, rather than being so busy as to not even remember me. 
When I did follow up as instructed, I was told that the matter was still under review with that same investigative specialist.  The operator with whom I spoke sounded just like the one who recognized me days before, and who was supposed to be in when I called back to get this information, yet now this person said that there was no such operator working there.  She had somehow disappeared. 
When I followed up on the complaint as instructed by this new operator who said the operator to whom I had originally spoken a couple of times did not exist at OIG, the complaint and the investigative specialist, also had disappeared.  Not a trace. 
I had to re-start the whole process, re-submit the complaint in person to the Duty Agent whose name is blacked out on the June 22, 2006 release, on March 22, 2006, at the Washington Field Office in Virginia where they allow persons to enter the building, rather than at headquarters at the Justice building in DC, where they don't allow this. Information regarding the content of this complaint had done a disappearing act elsewhere too, at the Arlington police, at Justice, at the U.S. Attorney's office, at the FBI.  But the OIG outdid all of them with disappearing people too.