End of Eternity
End of Eternity
With time, all things end

                        Welcome to End of Eternity, a Live-Action Roleplaying game for Vampire: The Masquerade. This club is for those who wish a dramatic experience more akin to a theatre than to a video game. We encourage players to immerse themselves into their personae, and we promise to do our utmost to provide a fitting and worthy backdrop for their efforts.

SPECIAL: If you wish to be an Assistant ST or Narrator, we welcome applications. We are currently looking for ASTs to handle each of the clans, and Narrators to officiate small, simple matters that come up in regular gameplay. We are also seeking an Influence ST. If any of these positions appeal to you, please contact us. Keep in mind that STs are not able to roleplay their own Player Characters.

UPDATE: The next game is Friday, August 15th at Mason's Hall in New Westminster, from 7PM to 11PM, with the awards for the winners of the Sharpened Quill Scratch and Flow Competition afterwards. We will be there around 5:30, and guests are welcome to come and watch or attend the awards. There is an Office Hours at Tim Horton's in New West this Thursday, July 24th from 7PM to 11PM. If you are interested in making a character, wish to watch or participate, or just want more info, email us.

Our forum is up! Anything you need to know is there, as well as access to the staff. Check it out here!

We have a group on Facebook, as well.

(Need a map to Tim Horton's? Here it is. And this is the map to the Mason's Hall.)


                    The game is run by a Head ST, Assistant STs and Narrators. The HST and AST people will not be playing Player Characters (PCs), so they can dedicate time to watching over the game. Narrators will have NPCs or PCs with minimal importance in the status game, so that they may more easily slip from In Character (IC) to quickly resolve roleplay problems. Combat will not be a mainstay of this game; social interaction will be. That is not to say there wil be not be combat; vampires are a pasionate and supernatural race, and that is to be expected. But IC death will not be a nightly occurence, and bullying of new players is grounds for expulsion. Our rules are a hybrid of 2nd Ed and 3rd Ed World of Darkness (WOD) rules. All rules are as stated in the books from those two editions, with additional rules being posted on this page. We tried to take the most interesting parts of both sets to make this game easier and more workable to play in.

                     Games are on the first and third Friday of each month. Influences and downtime actions will need to be posted by the end of the month. The StoryTeller will post when he wants them submitted.


                      If you are interested in slipping into a different persona once every couple of weeks, please take the time to think about some favourite themes and traits you'd ideally like to play. Each player may have one character, so we recommend not making a PC out of the first good idea you get. Wait until you have about five good ideas, then try to harmonize them into one great concept. Only apply to our club if you wish to act to your heart's content. Understand, also, that your character is its own person, with its own birth, childhood, home, likes, dislikes, fears and personality traits separate from your own. Do yourself and your PC a favour; think hard about who your alternate persona is before you try breathing life into it. Improvisational drama means that you need to fully understand your PC's stance on issues so you know how she'll react when they come up. The better you know your PC, the easier it will be to play her.

                    Before you start writing down a character, ask yourself these questions:

                     Why do I want to play in this game?
                                    What do I want to get out of this game?
                                    What would keep my interest?
                                    What can I offer the other players?

If you want more information about a specific clan, you can email the ST who deals with that clan.

Blueblood Clans (Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue): Tiffany Fox (email me)
Partisan Clans (Brujah, Gangrel, Nosferatu): Nathan Todd (email me)
Unquiet Clans (Malkavian, Independents): Either (email us)
Outsiders (Caitiff, Anarchs): Nathan Todd (email me)
Vassals (Ghouls): Tiffany Fox (email me)

This is the initial ST setup. We hope to eventually have a few STs who deal with specific clans. If you feel you have enough knowledge and experience to be an EOE ST, please mail us.


                                  -> Ready to make a character? Start here.
                                         Read this learn about EOE's World of Darkness setting.
                                         Here's the storyline so far.
                                 Learn about our improved Combat Mechanics.
                                 Here are the Ground Rules. Try not to be afraid. :)
                                 Here are the Credits.
                                         Want more immediate contact? Check out our forum.


                                              If you have any questions, please contact us:

Organizer: Tiffany Fox
Head Story Teller: Nathan Todd
Influence Story Teller: Jason Engel
Narrators: Brett Stone, Jordy Guillon, Derek Rawlings
Player Representative: Marc Thompson

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