End the occupation of Palestine!
The purpose of this web page is to inform Canadians of what is really happening in Palestine.  It is discusting really, how the world can just stand by and watch this happen without being able to stop it! 

I believe that if people were made aware of what is really happening they would be as discusted as I am, and try to do something about it.

In this web page you will find links to websites that will show you pictures (some very graphic) that will hopefully encourage you to speak up to the government about this atrocity.  No human being should have to live under these circumstances.

The Israeli government is based on lies, they want to make palestinians look like terrorist,  they produce false documents to prove that Arafat funds terrorist activities and try to blame him for how is people behave towards the occupation.

As a canadian, I try to imagine what I would do if someone invaded my home, killed my family and stole my land.... I think that as a human being with nothing left to live for, I would want revenge, and my whole life would be dedicated to revenge, even if it meant taking my own life.

The Israeli government has created the terrorist because they are terrorist themselves.   To me a terrorist is someone who has nothing left to live for, and Israel has done a great job in creating terrorists, and now it has to stop!

Informative websites:
May 12 2002:
Rally for Palestine
Parliament Hill
Ottawa, Canada
2:00 - 3:00pm