Liked Molly’s LOTR hilarious parodies ?

Liked TTT’s wonderful comic ?

Waiting for a ROTK comic ?

Don’t wait anymore, it’s now here !



I was searching for something to do during french class and then I decided to make a ROTK comic…

I hope you’ll like it, I worked with Paint so the bubbles are not as good as in TTT’s comic… I’m sorry !

And I had the idea of using pics of real people for the audience, so I asked my friends if they wanted to take weird pics for me, and they accepted ! (I’ve got wonderful friends, haven’t I ?) There is a little presentation below so that you won’t get too lost.

If all the images don’t show, wait until the page is fully load and click on “stop”, this should work.

I don’t know why, but it seems impossible to save pics to computer from these pages… So if you want pics, you can save the page to your computer or just ask me for the pic you want (there is a link to my LJ at the end of the page.)

And now… Enjoy !







In alphabetical order




 Ciloute : Read the book. Arachnophobe. Respectable member of audience, but Frodo’s fangirl anyway...


 Clem (it’s me woohoo!) : Sentimental book-reader and fanatical Frodo/Sam shipper…


 Jenny : Has not read the book and wiseacre…


 Romain : Has read the book


 Soso : Arachnophobe and Faramir’s fangirl.



I couldn’t use all the pics they sent me, so I made a page with all the audience pics as a mamory for us and if anyone is interested lol.

See them here. (careful, these are BIG pages !)










The Lord of the Rings isn’t mine (unfortunately!).

Characters and story are property of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Movie pictures are property of New Line. (most of them taken from Shadow !)

All texts by Molly J. Ringwraith.

Audience pictures belong to the crazy people who took them (merci les amis, vous êtes géniaux, je vous adore !)

I did this only for fun and I really love LOTR.

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