Photos of Endau Rompin National Park, Malaysia

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Endau Rompin National Park, Malaysia




Endau Rompin National Park is located on the Johor-Pahang border of Malaysia. It is mainly made up of lush and pristine tropical rainforest. Covering an area of about 800 square km, it is the second largest national park in the peninsula after Taman Negara National Park. With rock formations dating back about 248 million years, Endau Rompin is mostly hilly with some prominent sandstone plateau. It also happens to be the watershed of several rivers such as Endau River, Selai River, and Jasin River. Part of Endau Rompin's attraction is that the park is linked with numerous legends and myths. 


Below are several collections of photographs taken during my Endau Rompin trip on 8-10 Aug 2003.


From Singapore to Kampung Peta

Scenes from the trip (Part 1)

Scenes from the trip (Part 2)

Scenes from the trip (Part 3)

Scenes from the trip (Part 4)

Flora and Fauna

Scenes from Kampung Peta



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