No 'experience' necessary

The "Great" British Circus website is advertising the chance for the general public to handle baby lions.
  • They say:

    "LION CUB EXPERIENCE - For the next two months only, you have a chance to enjoy a personal LION CUB EXPERIENCE with our new baby lions, now just 9 weeks old. Bring your own video or stills camera to capture the occasion. Includes a fifteen minute lion experience for one, plus one accompanying camera person if required. Total cost is 50 - all money goes towards the welfare of the animals."

  • We say: The Ugliest Show on Earth contains ample evidence of how much attention circuses, particularly this one (formerly known as Harlequin)pay to the 'welfare of the animals', as do the findings from Animal Defenders' latest follow-up survey. Highlights include:

  • "8 Tigers (Great British Circus): 4 tigers permanently restricted to the beastwagon; another 4 tigers had access to a small outdoor enclosure. However during observations all tigers remained inside the wagon."

  • "3 Zebras (Great British Circus): In stalls (3m x 2m) in a stable tent for most of their time; also used a small paddock (approx. 46.5 metres by 31 metres)."

    We also doubt that being handled by the public, exposed to a variety of different germs and seperated from their mother is a positive 'experience' for the cubs!