These sites contain online information and resources for the campaign against animal circuses.

Sites hosted by ECC

  • Letter sent by Essex Animal Freedom to all shops in the area displaying posters for animal circuses.

    External sites

  • Online edition of William Johnson's The Rose-Tinted Menagarie, the first widely-published expose of the circus industry.

  • A clip from the CAPS video Circus Suffering

  • Animals in UK Circuses: Animal Defenders' most recent report

  • The Ugliest Show on Earth, a report resulting from undercover investigations by Animal Defenders.

  • Circus FAQ by the Captive Animals' Protection Society

  • PETA video exposing cruelty at Ringling Bros Circus. (US site, needs Realplayer)

  • PETA comic book showing the story of a rescued circus elephant.

  • Campaign Against Cruelty: not about circuses but very useful as a guide to organising an animal rights campaign!

  • Purple Duck Press will produce leaflets free of charge for campaigns related to this site. Visit the homepage or send an email for more information.

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