The Japanese Water Gardens: supporting circus cruelty

Many people now accept that the use of animals in circuses is cruel and outdated. An investigation in 1997 found abuse of some kind or another in the majority of British circuses. For this reason, animal circuses are banned from council land in Nottingham and Broxtowe. However, the owners of the Japanese Water Gardens still make them welcome.

A frequent visitor to the Gardens is Martin Lacey’s ‘Great British Circus’. Lacey’s business was previously called Circus Harlequin: physical and verbal abuse of animals was found by an undercover investigator to be standard practice during the 1997 summer season. In one incident an injured lioness was kept hidden during a visit from the RSPCA. A vet had not been called. The name of the circus may have changed: the people haven’t!

The only ‘great’ thing about the Great British Circus is the lengths they go to to convince the public that they are kind to animals. They claim, for instance, to train their animals in the ring as part of the show, ‘which should put a stop to any suggestions of circus cruelty.’ What the public see, however, is not training but a rehearsal of an act for which the animal is already – in circus slang – ‘broken’. The cruelty behind the scenes has been exposed on multiple occasions.
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Say NO to circus cruelty at the Japanese Water Gardens!

Contact the Japanese Water Gardens:
Japanese Water Gardens
251 Toton Lane
Tel 0115 9397926
Fax 0115 9490541
and ask them to stop hosting animal circuses.

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  • Coming soon: campaign postcards, a letter to the other businesses on the Water Gardens site and reports of the circus demos!