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This is an independent site for Australians who are proud of their ancestral origins in the British Isles. In modern multicultural Australia, it is okay to take pride in your ethnic heritage. Australians of Anglo-Celtic background have a lot to be proud of, and should not be pressured into feeling that they should take second place to any other ethnic group.


 The British Australian Community is the senior organisation for people of British Isles origin in Australia. Formerly the United Kingdom Settlers' Association, it has been representing British migrants and their descendants since its formation in 1967.

Information for prospective British migrants to Australia. 

Endeavour is the journal of the British Australian Community. It carries a lively mix of news; current affairs; opinion; book, music, film & culinary reviews; and creative writing.

Current news carries articles of interest to Australia's British community. Some of these articles have been resourced from all over the world.

bullet.gif (858 bytes) Anglophobia costs Australia millions of dollars a year, according to a recent survey. Highly skilled British migrants are returning home in droves.

bullet.gif (858 bytes) Threats to Brits - There are many threats to the British migrant presence in contemporary Australia. This page will keep you up-dated on some of them. For the moment, read about a sad man called Harold Scruby ...

bullet.gif (858 bytes) British genes resist AIDS - the HIV resistance gene is most common among British and other northern European people, and declines in frequency further south. Thus, it is present in almost 14 percent of Swedes but appears in only about 5 percent of Italians and is absent in Saudi Arabia.

bullet.gif (858 bytes) British Australians now (officially) second-class citizens - A Chinese migrant, Chuck Hong, complained that a British migrant failed to comply with the Australian Constitution. But migrants who have had nothing to do with the development of Australia will be exempt from any such provisions.

bullet.gif (858 bytes) Have you heard about the Bigot? - Copy this and send it to an Anglophobe near you!

BritFest. BritFest2000 was a major event designed to showcase the contribution to Australia of people from the British Isles. Read about previous and subsequent showcases of pride in our British-Australian heritage.

Gallipoli - the facts behind the myths -- by Dr Geoffrey Partington.

The constitutional aims of the BAC  

Great music and links  - listen to the musical anthem of this site, visit Travel Britain, Pension Information and other very useful links.

VoteLine - Don't miss out. Vote in the new, improved Voteline, where you can vote for your favourite Briton, or submit your own.

(NEW) Other patriotic British organisations in Australia - read about other pro-Anglo organisations and their upcoming events. (NEW)

New Britannia - The rise and decline of Anglo-Australia

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