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26:01:2006 All those links by the side should work now, even if they don't go anywhere particularly interesting yet. Anyway, back on topic, Brian Barwick = F*****g *********r. Big Sam and Gary Neville are both up on disrepute charges this week. Okay, fine, ignore Robbie Fowler, even though did exactly the same thing the week before. Scouse wa***r.
Oh yeah, last night of course was handbags at 2100. I have a friend who knows what went on. Anyway, over there, Rio is saying "Actually Robbie, I prefer the works of Nietzsche to Voltaire". Sav is obviously not having any of that because John Toshack abused him with that Nieztschean philosophy.
Hamas have won some kind of election. This ain't particularly good. I'm a Jewish sympathiser (even though I though Sharon was an eejit) but I promise my vision isn't skewed. This really shows what the people of Palestine are thinking. Or half of them anyway, last I heard yesterday, the other side was winning. Wages was right, the world is totally ending.
I can't let the Lib-Dem disaster go unmentioned. I laugh in the face of anyone confused enough to have voted for them at the last election. They can't even run their own party, let alone a country.
Mediawatch reckon the video games industry is “living in denial” of the consequences of their products. I reckon Mediawatch are living in denial over whether anyone gives a flying **c* about what they think.

Everyone is going crazy over Brian Barwick, what with Sven leaving the England Job. They're all going on about what an awesome bloke with massive cojones he is. Of course they forget that Barwick is a F****ng w**k**g gorram rutting c**t who steals cars in his spare time and has had songs sung about what he allegedly did with an indeterminate male member of Gerard Houllier's family. Sven would have left anyway and though I think that the Fake Sheik crap was a ludicrous waste of time by the News of the World, if Barwick really wanted to take a strong stance, he should have got Sven to announce he was leaving right after the incident.
On a related note, I can't believe people who are touting Stuart Pearce for the job. He's totally unproven and Manchester City are nowhere near consistent enough to risk a gamble like that.
Paul Scholes is out for the rest of the season, possibly for the rest of time. I'm going to go away now and pray hard that Fergie doesn't panic buy Gravesen, who can't even force his way into a rabidly wimpy (that's possibly an oxymoron) Real Madrid side.

Dude, can you believe how kickass I am with updates? Anyway, somewhere in the Fiction section, you will find the entire Remastered Pandora's Box series, starring Marco Valentine.

I watched In the Name of the Father starring Daniel Day-Lewis yesterday, so right now I'm thinking with an Irish accent. It's bizarre. But anyway, while watching it, I got to thinking. While the IRA and Islam Terrorists are two very different animals, the stigma and the emotions that was carried by ordinary Irish folk is not so different from the one that ordinary Muslims carry today. The (alleged) treatment of the Guildford Four at the hands of the police and judicial system certainly makes me wonder and worry a little about what goes on behind the scenes right now.

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