My Life
My name is Malcolm White.
Basically, my favorite band is Nine Inch Nails.  My favorite food is a good cheeseburger.  But my favorite candy is a creemy Reece's Penut Butter Cup.  My mother's name is Karin White, my father's (deceased) name was Anthony Williams.  My brothers' names are Brian White, Sonny Linn and Kurt White.  Brian has a wife, Gale and Kurt is married as well.
I have two cats, Nin and Rez.
My favorite game is Magic: the Gathering and my best friend is Scott Onerheim.
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My Family
I have a pretty big family that lives all across the country. For one my mother (Karin) who lives here in Iowa. I have countless cousins some live in North Carolina, some in South Dakota, most in Califiornia.
I have three brothers that I know of: Sonny lives here in Iowa; Brian live in North Carolina; and Kurt who lives in Florida. Kurt got married last spring. Brian Has been married for nearly two years now and he wants us to think he has never had a fight.
Sonny used to be a trouble maker, but now he is cool. He tries to look out for our family finacially.
No one in my family is willing to play magic. But I have made some efforts to teach my mother, Karin. Oh Kurt has been playing magic longer than I can remember, Dungeons and Dragons too, but I can't get any one to DM an adventure for me. So I guess I will teach my friends. Brian's wife Gale had a baby in December whos name is Catherine, Brian is probably going to be happy when he reads this. Brian used to play a bunch of video games but lately his hasn't. His site is called Gamester Lair.
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