About:Site, creators, and basic information
Hello, and welcome to Ender's Data RPG. New members are always welcome, and we invite you to spend some time looking at our lovely website. Here, I would like to provide you with some basic information concerning information about the site, what the story is basically about, and anything else that might not happen to fit in any other section.

First of all, my online name is Yamato Ayanami and I am the webmistress of this site. Although Ender is the one who officially runs the RPG, she doesn't get on the internet very often and so it is usually a good idea to e-mail me with any questions or comments. Currently, there are five people participating in the RPG. Each member is allowed a maximum of three characters, though most only have one. Each member must agree to the rules and regulations, which can be found by clicking the Join button on the main page.

For those of you who don't know what an RPG is, RPG is an acronym for Role-Playing Game. A Role-Playing Game is a story created by a group of people online who act out the roles of characters they borrow or make up. (In the case of this RPG, you have to make up your own character, ie. you can't take it from a show or book.)

The basic storyline for this RPG has been laid out by Ender in the Info section which can be accessed from the main page. I find that it is rather long, but it is worth reading, especially if you plan on joining this RPG. I also recommend that you read through the whole story before posting, as you need to know what is currently happening in the story.

One other important piece of information is that although some people don't post very often, it's not good to completely neglect your own character. After all, if you neglect your own character, not only is it a nuisance to other people who are trying to develop the story and must continuously put your character in, but it's also rather hard (and breaks with the flow of the story) if you suddenly decide to throw your character into the middle of the action after three months of doing nothing.

Thank you for your time and patience, I know I sound dull and tedious right now but it's a fun RPG once you've read everything. And even if you don't plan to join, feel free to sign the guestbook!! We love input! ^_^