St Adalbert Cemetery - Descending from the Cross

St. Adalbert is a very large catholic cemetery with a road going through the middle. It's located on Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago...and its hard to miss. The grounds are packed with statuary, the most repeated theme hear being angels descending a short flight of stairs with a cross behind them. There are burials from as old as the late 1800's and burials as new as this year. A large red stone complex sits at one end, rather like an outdoor mauseoleum. At each wing there is a modern looking statue of biblical personas such as Mary, St. Elizabeth, St Joachim, etc. There is also a priest's mauseoleum in the center of the cemetery, where an altar has been set up just inside the doors. A large triumphant jesus statue towers atop the building. You can get lost in the place. Definitely worth a taking time out of a whole afternoon to visit.

Detail from a different statue
Angel descending the stairs,
holding an offering
Different versions of the prayerful Mary.
Mary is once again the subject of this beautiful piece of stained glass. This photo is of a mauseoleum interior taken through the door glass. So far, this is the only other place outside of Rosehill that has stained glass paintings of this quality.
This exquisite trio of angels is a unique kind of statuary I'd never seen before. This stone is very worn and not much remains of the dates, but it looks like it was a memorial for three siblings.
There's more to see....please choose your path
walk in the shadows

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